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Use the Shipping Estimator in your shopping cart to check your Shipping Rates.

Below are some Quick Shipping examples only.

Use this to add money to your order. For example faster shipping or Labor charges.

If you received a quotation you can change the add to cart quantity to the dollar amount you need to pay for. Add quantity 79 to cart and you get $79.00 for example. Always pay in USD Currency.

*Our high volume of international shipping allows us to offer you these heavily discounted rates and no lower rates exist.

All rates are Airmail Delivered to your House via USPS, UPS or Fedex.
Note: If you have a special request for shipping please type it in the comments field of the order form

Complete Bike Boxes: Bikes are shipped 75% pre-assembled by the Manufacturer
20" Bike to Canada
24" Bike to Canada
20" Bike to Most of Europe
24" Bike to Most of Europe
20" Bike to Australia and New Zealand (Choose FedEx Option)
24" Bike to Australia and New Zealand
20" Bike to Asia
24" Bike to Asia
26"/700C Bikes

Other Box Sizes: Several items can fit in these box types if needed for no extra cost to you.
Complete Bikes (handlebars, cranks, pedals, stems, headsets, gears)
Frame (frame, fork and other small parts)
Fork (fork, stem and headset)
Helmet (helmet, cranks, sprocket, stem and pedals)
Handlebar (handlebars, seat, cranks, pedals, sprocket, stem, headset)
Cranks (cranks, chain, sprocket)
Pedals (stem, headset, chain)
Shoe Box (shoes and anything that fits inside)
Tire (2 tires, pedals, cranks, bars, stem)
Wheel Box 20" (2 wheels, cranks, sprocket pedals, headset, stem)
Wheel Box 24" (2 wheels, cranks, sprocket pedals, headset, stem)
Note: 24inch wheels to Australia and New Zealand is 2 boxes, one per wheel

Please email for a shipping quote if needed.
If you do not use this method for shipping we will bill your credit card or Paypal you an invoice. See the Shipping Information Page

**Some over size box charges may be billed to you and not all Zip codes will get these above low rates. Above are the most common shipping Zip Code destinations.

**All orders shipped to Indonesia must be prepaid by bank wire or bank check in advance of shipping.

Orders arrive to their destination within 1 to 2 weeks. All duty and customs is paid by the importer.

Check our original website with everything bike related

Most of Europe includes the UK, France, Belgium, France, Poland, Finland, Spain, Netherlands, Holland, Sweden, Austria, Denmark, Luxembourg, Norway, Switzerland, Russia and Iceland. Email ACE if you need a shipping price.

Asia includes Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, China and others. Orders to Indonesia and and Malaysia must be prepaid by bank check.

Please Make Sure to Click "Add to Cart" after you make your Shipping Choice!

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