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Kenda K-50 Knobby Tire BMX

  • Model: k50
  • Shipping Weight: 4lbs
  • Manufactured by: Kenda


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Classic Comp 3 design. Kenda K-50 Knobby Tire BMX in several sizes and two colors. Wire bead. 40psi. Each.
Always be careful when pumping up your tires. Watch to mate sure the bead is evenly sealed all around the tire.
push the Valve up and pull it down to seed the tire by the valve hole. Inflate the tube slightly before installing so it wont get twisted. Tires Levers and be very helpful in tire removal and installation. Check your inner tire for objects like glass and wire so you don't re-pop your new tube. Also a nice Park Tools Pump. ACEBMX has done innner tube a thousand times so I thought you could use this mechanical tip.

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