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Tree Spline Drive Sprocket Lite

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  • Manufactured by: Tree

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Tree splined gears for fixie bikes or fixed gear bikes or any crank that takes a spline style gear.

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Weight: Grams: 61g
Ounces: 2.2 oz

SPECS -Made of 5/16'' thick 7075 t6 aluminum
-Sprocket center hole comes in two different ways:
-22mm center hole comes with a steel adapter for use on 3/4''(19mm) spindles.
-48 spline for 3/4'' spindle.
-Center hole sizes larger than 22mm can be made at special request, please contact us.
-1/8'' wide teeth.

I wanted an extra light sprocket that did not have to be babied. Capable of light street and skatepark trickery.

This design is actually a morph from the original Tree sprocket. We enlarged the holes and got rid of unneeded material, which gives it a very impressive strength to weight ratio. It is made of 5/16'' thick 7075 t6 aluminum.

The sprocket accepts both 1/8 and 3/16 chains. Most sprockets are machined with thin and short teeth but the Tree sprocket teeth are machined to .13'' wide for maximum tooth strength and .27'' tall for a smoother running drive train. And they are the right height so they can not get hit during sprocket tricks. These teeth are very helpful when riding a loose chain because the taller teeth keep the chain from derailing. These teeth have been modeled after the tooth shape used for industrial machinery. In industrial situations this engineered tooth shape keeps machinery running quietly and smoothly at very high RPM's. For BMX it makes the smoothest running sprocket ever made.

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