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91-9308K Promax Components 4MM Gear Housing Bulk

4MM Gear Housing Bulk

98 Feet of 4mm Black Cable Housing


91-9315 Promax Components Alloy End Cap

Alloy End Cap

Bottle contains 500 Promax cable end caps


BMX-198159 Insight Bmx Technologies Brake Cable

Brake Cable

Super-smooth Teflon-lined brake cables make for a smooth brake pull and maximum performance

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91-9312 Promax Components Brake Cable

Brake Cable

Promax Stainless cables are excellent replacements for any bike repair


91-9310 Promax Components Bulk Gear Cables

Bulk Gear Cables

100 stainless steel replacement shifting cables


BMX-198145 Box Components Concentric Cable Kit

Concentric Cable Kit

BOX Concentric cable kits use custom Concentric housing, which includes aramid fiber-wrapped aluminum/steel linear wires for the best combination of...

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91-9311 Promax Components Gear Inner Cable

Gear Inner Cable

Replacement Stainless Steel inner gear cable


BMX-198150 Box Components Nano Cable

Nano Cable

Nano Cables inner brake wires are specially treated with a friction reducing coating to boost braking power and performance.

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BMX-198176 Box Components Nano Gear Cable

Nano Gear Cable

Nano Cables inner gear wires are specially treated with a friction reducing PTFE coating to boost shifting performance.

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72-20383 Wsm Performance Parts Wsm Throttle Cable

Wsm Throttle Cable


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