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Want to Join the ACEBMX Team?
Mail or email us your video link and or your best 300x400 jpg image and a brief description about were you ride. We will post it here and try to get you noticed.

*Current Team Members please mail or email your website links, pictures (300x400 jpg format) and video links.

Thanks Riders!

ACEBMX  BMX  Racing Team Members
David Planavsky (Founder)
Eva Planavsky
Ethan Planabsky
Larry York
Angelo Lombardo
Harry Beecher
Damien Shaul
Abby Beecher
Tom Every (Team Advisor)


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Introducing Jake Reeder (This guy shreds. Check his video on Woodward West)

I'm 23 years old , I've been riding for 4 and a half years. I'm from Tennessee. I've done BMX shows for Dan Hubbard and John Shaw all over the US for well over two years now.  I won Florida's king of BMX in 2011 and I won Ohio's rhythm contest in 2010. I live and work at Woodward west. I'll be moving to Huntington beach the first of June. This will give me a chance to get more magazine, edit, and other exposure. I will be going to many contest and jams this year. Thanks for your time and interest! Look forward to talking more with you! Jake Reeder email: available upon request.

Back is focused on BMX and BMX type riding. Shop for Mountain Bikes,
Road Bikes, Fixed Gear and BMX. The BMX Parts are the same, but will have
more NON-BMX Parts, Bikes, Frames, Tools and accessories.

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