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85-1044 Slime Bead Sealant

Bead Sealant



BMX-30556 Pedro's Bike Lust

Bike Lust

Provides superior shine and protection against UV damage, dirt, and water Biodegradable cleaner removes dirt and grime as you polish Makes future...

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78-9975 Maxima Racing Oils BIO Wash

BIO Wash

Biodegradable all-purpose cleaner Powerfull cleaning action on dirt, grime and oil based deposits Gentle enough for daily use on painted surfaces,...


91-9574 Magura Blood Brake Oil

Blood Brake Oil

The bleeding of a MAGURA brake is NOT a routine chore, because the MAGURA Royal Blood mineral oil does not absorb water (like DOT brake fluid). It...


82-2210 Motul Chain Clean

Chain Clean

Cleans road and off road chain Removes encrusted sand, dirt, oils and grease Chlorine free Safe on o-ring, x-ring and z-ring chain


27-5003 Pedro's Chain J

Chain J

Long-lasting performance in mixed conditions Superior wear protection and lubrication under high load Biodegradable formula safe for you and the...


27-5047 Maxima Racing Oils Chain Pro Dry

Chain Pro Dry

Ultra-clean formula bike chain lube designed for use in dry conditions. Surface active chemistry promotes smooth shifting under load, quiets chain...


27-5046 Maxima Racing Oils Chain Wax

Chain Wax

Parafilm bike chain lube goes on wet to penetrate rollers and side plates, then sets up to a soft, pliable wax. Chain is encased in a protective...


82-2151 Motul Dot 5.1 Brake Fluid

Dot 5.1 Brake Fluid

100% Synthetic Mixes with DOT 3, 4 and 5.1 systems (Not DOT 5) High boiling points: Dry 522°F, Wet 365°F


27-5004 Pedro's Go!


Long-lasting performance in dry to mixed conditions Superior wear protection, efficiency and lubrication under high loads Biodegradable formula safe...

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