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ACE Labor Charges or to Pay for Something

  • Model: ACE Labor
  • Manufactured by: ACEBMX


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For Example: If we say your charge is $20.00. Change quantity to 4 and add to cart.
This is for custom work we do on bikes or if you need to make a payment for shipping charges or something else. If you buy a frame and want us to install your bottom bracket and headset use our labor charges to get it done.
We use professional tools and have 30 year experience.

Example Bike Shop Service Labor Rates:
BB Install Cups $10.00
Headset install Cups $10.00
Install Fork Crown Race $5.00
Assemble Brake Stud Mounts $5.00
Install One Brake each $10.00
Build Single 36H Wheel $20.00 (see notes below)

Mailing Note: We can't install the crank arms because they will not fit in a frame box. We can't install tires and tubes because the box becomes too large for Free Shipping.

We can do any repair if you bring your bike to our repair shop.

Mechanic Note: When some wheels are hand built there is a break in period where the spokes may loosen up.
Often you can tighten up the spokes by tightening each spoke by a half turn or full turn, until tight. This loosening of spokes occurs because all hubs, rims, spokes and nipples have different machinging. For example, one hub may not be as compatable with the rim and spoke you choose. Buying prebuild factory wheels can often prevent this wheel break in period. A spoke wrench and a trung stand would be helpful in maintaining your wheels.

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