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Kink Bikes and Bike Parts are headquartered in Rochester NY USA. Kink AKA Blackout Distribution makes complete bikes and parts. Kink also has an nice line of BMX Clothing and bike accessories. The Kink Bike Models for 2019 the Kink Curb, Kink Launch, Kink Gap, Kink Whip, Kink Downside, Kink Kicker, Kink Carve, Kink SXTN, Kink Gap Freecoaster and the 12" Kink Roaster and Coast. The bike designers at Kink have been harnessing their bike building skills since the 1980s.

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This is the link to the Kink BMX Bikes youtube channel is focused on BMX and BMX type riding. Shop for Mountain Bikes,
Road Bikes, Fixed Gear and BMX. The BMX Parts are the same, but will have
more NON-BMX Parts, Bikes, Frames, Tools and accessories.

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