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KHE Flatland Evo 0.F Complete 2015

  • Model: Evo 0.F (KH2016-1-BX) Flatland
  • Shipping Weight: 35lbs
  • Manufactured by: KHE


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The KHE flatland specific model...the Evo 0.F (KH2016-1-BX)
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The KHE Evo 0.F is a legend in the world of flatland. Featuring a Wantanabe saddle with Prismatic seat post, Prism Thin nylon pedals and pegs, MVP U-Brakes, a 4130 CrMo frame and fork and so much more. This bicycle also features the revolutionary new Affix Gyro System.

Frame/Fork: 4130 CrMo frame and fork with 19 inch TT and zero offset fork
Wheels/Tires: MAC1 foldable tires, reverse freecoaster 14 mm hub on the rear and MVP female bolt 36 H on the front with Alienation rims
Drivetrain: 25 teeth steel sprocket with MVP 160 mm cranks, Prism Mid BB sealed bottom bracket and Prism Thin nylon pedals
Brakes/Cockpit: Evo 0.F CrMo H-Bar, MVP flat stem, Watanabe saddle with Prismatic post, and MVP U-Brakes
Extras: Affix Gyro System and 4 Alchemy plastic pegs with grip tape

The Evo series is our advanced bike range. All bikes in this range are sealed throughout and built with full 4130 CrMo frames, forks and bars. The bikes also feature an assortment of KHE bikes and PRISM parts including female bolt hubs, spline drive cranks, topload affix stem, 2.35 tires and a fat padded seat combo. Considering the specification, the EVO bikes are easily the best bike you can get for the price.

KHE has been producing BMX parts and complete bikes since 1988. We put all our effort in the design and technology of our products to enhance the possibilities for the riders.

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