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Looking for some new custom build wheels?  Pick out the hubs,  rims, spokes and nipples you desire and we will do the wheel building for you. Our wheel builder has over ten years bike shop wheel building experience and can do custom bmx wheels in any size. Add quantity two if you are building two wheels for example.

Wheel building is priced per wheel at $15.00 per wheel. We usually do a three cross lacing pattern for weight reduction and because of spoke length availability.

We stock the Mission brand spokes mainly so choose these as they are the best for the price. If you do not know your spoke length, select ACE to Calculate for you in the drop down box.

Note: Your wheels will be delivered tight and true. We do recommend that you tighten each nipple 1/2 or 1 turn should you spokes loosen up after some riding. The Park Black Colored spoke wrench will fit the best with the nipples we use.

FYI: Alloy nipples do look great, but if you are going for strength you may want to select brass nipples.

Spoke Calculator
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ACS Cassette with Envy 24 Rear 3X is 234mm or 240mm 4 cross
ACS Front 36H is 242mm 4 cross

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