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Bike Mechanic Tips

How to Build a New or Old School Bike

Installing Profile Racing Cranks
You will need a cup pressing tool of a threaded rod with nuts and washers to press the Profile Cups into your frame.
Use some grease to allow the cups to press in smoothly. Make sure the center bearing spacer is in place between the bearings and use the one that best fits your frame. The Profile crank tool will pull the arms onto your axle most of the way. The rest is done by tightening your crank axle bolts. Be sure to use the spacers to get a nice chain alignments and so that your left crank clears the frame sufficiently. Grease the 48 spline axle with the included anti sieze grease and make sure the right arm goes on right side of bike as you look down when riding. Some cranks have a sprocket bolt on both arms so it can cause you to make a mistake.

Inner Tube Installation
There are two valve types, Presta or Schrader. The Schrader valve is standard like on a car and the most common. The presta is a metal skinny valve that requires a smaller hole on your rim. Presta is sometimes called a French Valve. Presta Valves can be inflated using a Presta Valve pump or an adaptor that converts the tube valve to Schrader. Check your inner tire for sharp objects before installing your tube. Inflate tube slightly before installing so it keeps its round form. When the tire is ready for air push the valve up and down to seed the tire to the rim. Slowly inflate the tire while checking that the tire is equally seeded on the rim. If it is not seeded and you inflate it,  you could have a blow out and ruin your tire and tube.
Do not drive around with a high pressure tire next to you especially in hot weather. If you tire blows out you could damage your ears or the girls ears next to you. Try a little baby powder between tire and tube to prevent sticking. A 20 x1.75 tube will inflate up to a 20 x 2.125 tire or even larger. The inner tubes will fit a range of sizes since they stretch. If you have a 20 x 2.3 or 2.5 you may want to use a wider tube to the tube does not have to stretch out so much and become thin making it easier to get a flat. However, using thinner tubes is lighter weight which is a advantage rolling resistance wise.

Custom Wheel Building
When some wheels are hand built there is a break in period where the spokes may loosen up.
Often you can tighten up the spokes by tightening each spoke by a half turn or full turn, until tight. This loosening of spokes occurs because all hubs, rims, spokes and nipples have different machining. For example, one hub may not be as compatible with the rim and spoke you choose. Buying prebuild factory wheels can often prevent this wheel break in period. A spoke wrench and a truing stand would be helpful in maintaining your wheels. Click wheel building rates for more info. Check this bmx bike wheel building video

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